2024 Upstarts

Upstarts provides mentorship, knowledge and opportunity to emerging creatives while providing a pathway for underrepresented and marginalised communities to enter into a creative career. ICAD Upstarts caters for advertising creatives (art directors and copywriters specifically) and designers, preparing them for careers in their industries, while introducing the industry to them. To apply, individuals repsond to an open brief which will be announced at the end of May 2024. The ICAD Upstarts programme has proven to be highly successful, and benefits both participants and the industry as a whole. Current trends show that almost 80% of Upstarts are working in relevant employment within 6 months of completing programme. We are sure that 2024 will be no different!

Upstarts Alumni

Thank You

As we build on the programme year on year, there have been nearly as many mentors and workshop hosts as there have been participants. We are hugely grateful for the energy and commitment our mentors and workshop hosts offer. And perhaps, this commitment is an indicator to just how much value the advertising and design industries place on nurturing fresh creative talent. It is certainly the spirit of collaboration and hard work that is the real key to the programme’s success.