Daniel Condren


The brief was to write a 40 second radio ad for Easons, to dramatise the benefits 
of the physical bookstore experience. As a copywriter and book-lover, I enjoyed 
this challenge.
The enemies: e-books and online retailers. My insight: buying a physical book in a bookstore is a more rewarding and memorable experience. From the browsing and staff recommendations, to the sensory experience and joy of discovery, my ad aims to portray these benefits, but from a book’s point of view!

I’m an aspiring Copywriter who sharpened his word-smithery with a degree in English. Currently working in a fast-paced Buying Dept. in Dunnes Stores Head Office, I think my mix of Arts & Commerce background makes me ideally suited to a career in Advertising! I’m also studying for the Advertising Postgrad in DIT, and enjoy working freelance for Visitorflix. In my free time, I enjoy the few highs and many lows of being a Liverpool fan.