Jessie de Boe

Art Direction

Hi I’m Jessie de Boe! In Autumn 2018 I was awarded a residency in The Tara Building as part of their social impact Scholarship programme. Continuing on with my graduate project “Normalising Nudity” I want to create an open discussion about the body and explore it outside of a sexual context. The ongoing project is interdisciplinary and consists of photography, written work, zines and installation. After graduating from NCAD’s Visual Communication course in 2017 I interned and then worked as a content creator for Chupi. At the same time I became the co-host of The Design Kids Dublin chapter, a global non-profit working towards bridging the gap between studying and working in design. Together with another host I help organise free monthly events called TDK Tuesdays in various studios across Dublin. I really believe in the importance of nurturing the Dublin design scene and community. I’ve created work and taken part in exhibitions for marriage equality, mental illness and Repeal the Eighth. I love creating that people can connect with.