Ruby Corcoran


Design found me when I was 11 and planning to set up an animal rescue centre (in Spain where I grew up) that needed a brand identity. The centre never took off, but my passion for design did. I graduated from IADT with a degree in Visual Communication Design in 2018. For my Gradshow I created a VR simulation that allowed users to experience their digital footprint and understand the value of their personal data. The VR exhibition was later exhibited at Motyf, the 4th International festival of Interactive & Motion typography.

After finishing college I received a scholarship to attend the first year of Design West, an international design summer school located in Connemara. I got the chance to design packaging for a local oyster farm “The Humble Oyster” which was presented with a IDI graduate commended award.

I started off my career in advertising, but have since moved back into the world of design with Design Factory. My design style is based on research, empathy and an appreciation for the power of storytelling.