Connor Robertson


I’m Connor, after completing a degree in fine art painting in 2016, I went on to work a series of odd jobs. I was a curator within a contemporary art gallery, I hung out in the EU Commission as a maintenance technician, and spent time as a commis chef, security guard, sales assistant, labourer, English language teacher and a kitchen porter. I also had a short-lived career as the unfortunate entertainer sweltering inside an animal suit at a children’s play centre.

In 2020 I attempted to teach myself copywriting to make some extra money. I bought all the advertising books I could and spent time rewriting old sales ads and the entirety of Gary Halbert’s ‘The Boron Letters’ by hand before realising it might help the job search if I had a degree. This varied life experience, a creative, extremely curious mind and a love of problem solving has led me towards a career in advertising as a copywriter.