Mickey Chan


The campaign is for Iarnród Éireann about priority seats. The client would like to remind people to be considerate of passengers who need the seats more than they do, such as people with mobility issues and pregnant women. The idea is to make the priority seat (literally the chair itself) a hero! Yes, seats are difficult to get, they are so rare like an endangered species; That’s why they need to be SAVED, and given to the people who need them more than you do.

Mickey was born in Brazil, raised in Taiwan, finished her degree in Visual Communication in Australia, and then drifted to Ireland. Her Taiwanese name is Shu-Ting, which means “book, pretty”. She was given the nickname Mickey by her mates at a young age, because they thought she looked like that famous mouse; ever since then she’s known as Mickey Chan, sometimes as a graphic designer and sometimes an art director. She has only recently found out that in Ireland, Mickey could also mean…a male organ.