Mariana deMoura


For over fifty years, Farrell Furniture have been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing quality contract furniture solutions to the highest standards.

The challenge is to design a sub brand and communications for this joint venture
How should the two brands work together – or not? What brand assets should you take from each brand to work with or not? What look and feel / language would 
you use to create an innovative brand style What communications would you use 
to connect with a innovative, professional and creative audience and what would 
they look like?

Strategic and multidisciplinary designer, with an eye for excellence, quality and innovation. Passionate about design and visual communication in all its forms. Mariana believes that good design will not save the world but will definitely make it a better place. Similar to all people born in Rio de Janeiro she loves a good laugh and a chat over a cup of strong, black coffee.