Alan Hurley


I am currently completing my post-grad diploma in Advertising & Digital Marketing in Dublin Institute of Technology, in addition to doing the 2018 ICAD Upstarts Programme and working full-time, all in order to irrefutably prove that there isn’t enough time in the day!

My aim for these courses is to pursue a career as a creative copywriter. I currently work in two parallel careers: I am a stand-up comedian & writer, performing at comedy clubs and festivals all around Ireland and creating online comedy content; I also work as a senior engineer for a civil engineering consultancy. Obviously. That’s a natural mix.

I have a passion for creativity & writing, hence performing comedy is, for me, a required outlet for my creativity. It’s a medium where ideas can be developed, honed and expressed to an audience for feedback with an immediacy lacking in other artforms. I’m pursuing a career shift into advertising as it’s a job where I can use both my creativity & writing skills combined with the many business-related soft skills I’ve acquired working as a consultant engineer.

A job description that is literally “Creative”? That’s ideal for me.