Kai Brossi


The brief was to design a new typeface for a cold pressed juice called ‘The Pressery’ and show it applied to the bottle of their new juices. The conceptual idea was to create a typeface that brings fluidness, fun energy and an organic look, like the juice. For that I used a modified version of ‘Olivier’ font to create a whole new typeface for the brand. And why not put it in context with a new look and feel?! I decided to use the colours of juices as a base and icons that represent each juice as well as different standards for each. The taste of a sunny day in a bottle.

I graduated in Advertising and Design and postgraduated in Digital Design. I’ve worked in great agencies and companies: HAVAS, DDB, Scania and now I am currently working as a UI/ UX designer with Isobar. I won the Brazilian National Award in Communication (Intercom) for ‘Best Digital Campaign’ with ‘Lomography’.