Aisling Dowling


Iarnród Éireann has experienced complaints regarding seating for specific needs and they would like to remind people to be considerate of passengers who need the seats more than they do. The challenge here is to create posters for owned media formats to encourage people to give up their seat. My idea uses the poster as  platform to highlight and criminalise the guilty people who don’t give up their seats. Not giving up your seat doesn’t go unnoticed. People need to be more seat-aware. My idea also contains a social experiment using a hidden camera and eye tracking.

Aisling is a panda-loving Art Director with a passion for illustration, even illustrating for British fashion designer Henry Holland. She !rst discovered her love of advertising shortly afer realising at the age of 10 that she wanted to design cereal boxes… she took it from there. Aisling pursued her love of drawing to college level where she studied Visual Communications, followed by a Post Grad in Advertising & Digital Communications, where she found her feet in art direction.