Sarah Coffey


A former Account Manager with a yen for the pen.

Four years at the coal face of client service in London and Dublin taught me everything I want to know about financial forecasting. Namely, not one more thing.

My motivations for changing from suit to creative stem from a chance meeting one morning with a stingray off the coast of Africa, swiftly followed by an up-close-and-personal with a tarantula as a surprise shower guest, not long before bumping into a fairly angry cyclist head on while crossing London Bridge. Primal fear and near death experiences on board, I’m driven by the aim to outdo my spirit animals Eddie Vedder and Barry Gibb by writing a world famous song about remaining alive, while sticking it to nature, cyclists and spreadsheets in one fell swoop.

Aside from this, I’m out to prove wrong all the haters who told me my Irish Folklore undergrad would never amount to nothing. No Aunt Linda, you stop shouting about the symbolic dichotomy of paganism and celebrity culture as represented by Cúchulainn.