Ian Finnerty


As designers we need to communicate with clarity and purpose, openly and honestly. Our education and experience give us the ability to offer alternative solutions and our empathic approach gives us the skill to understand needs of others, whilst using design to address them. As the Syrian refugees are brought to Ireland, what do you believe should be given as an introduction to our country? How do we convey cultural connections? How do we manage expectations? Should this be seen as a evolution of Irish culture? What about tips for adaptability and integration? It is your job to decide and design this.

Ian Finnerty is a graphic designer and communications graduate of Dublin City University. He co-founded MIDASpaces – a creative agency specialising in projection mapping that has seen him travel around the world – recently returning from a tour in China. Deeply passionate about excellent design, he now divides his time between his clients, personal projects and walking his beloved dog – Jodie Foster.