Katy Finnegan


Hello, I’m Katy Finnegan: writer, creative and versatile all-rounder. I studied literature and film at TCD and graduated in 2016. Following this I jetted off to Chicago where I interned in a few production companies before realising I’m better at writing than I am at carrying equipment – and better yet, I learned my creativity actually did have a real world application (say whut?). Hello advertising.

Currently I’m working at Southern Marketing Design Media where I enjoy getting my hands dirty with creative while also managing projects and making important phone calls. My passion for writing in all forms continues to grow and to date I’ve had fiction and poetry published in Icarus, Voices From the Cave and Write City Chicago, as well as non-fiction on and I was also shortlisted for the 2018 Bridport Short Story Prize.

Constantly uprooting, upstarting and (hopefully) upstaging my former self, I’m an aspiring copywriter who believes in the power of wit, humour and provocation when it comes to creating work that stands out.