Zoë Donnelly


I’m Zoë, a copywriter and recently completed the advertising masters in the creative stream, in TU Dublin. I wasn’t born quoting Ogilvy and it took me a few years to figure out advertising was the path for me. But once I was introduced to the power of good copy, I knew copywriting was it for me. Before the advertising masters in TU Dublin, I studied economists and psychology in my undergraduate degree in UCC. I thought these subjects would be great for marketing, and understanding the consumer journey, but I wanted more creatively. Then I found the masters degree in TU Dublin and that was it. Bingo! It combined all my passions for art, music, tv, film and the skills I picked up in UCC. And now here I am, hoping to further my skills as a copywriter in the upstarts 2023 programme, to become an unstoppable force in the advertising industry, steal everyone’s clients and become a female, Cork version of Don Draper (I’ve never seen Mad Men, is that what he did?).