Elizabeth Burgess


Graphic Designer/ Illustrator

Our brief was to design a typeface for IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art)
which could be used as the Museum’s font in all applications. I decided it could be interesting to develop something around an existing typeface with one letter changing everytime. This would ensure that the letters would never take away from the artwork displayed alongside it while always remaining visually compelling. I incorporated marks and shapes into my design because I think they are the root of all image making. I chose three basic marks, a fat line, a circle and a cross. I then began to develop a customized Futura Bold. I chose this typeface because it’s based around geometric shapes. It also has the advantage of being a high impact, clear font that
could take a bit of tinkering with but still be entirely legible.

Originally from Tipperary, I graduated from LSAD with a first class B.A. (Honours) in Visual Communication in 2014 and moved up to Dublin shortly after to begin working as a junior designer. I’m currently working at Slater design and while I mainly work as a graphic designer I enjoy doing freelance illustration in my spare time for various clients including, and MFI magazine.