Susannah O’hUadhaigh

Art Director

I’m Susannah O’hUadhaigh or Sue O’Who. I am currently a designer in Dublin at RichardsDee – a branding and strategy agency. I’m extremely fortunate that they saw my potential and hired me off the back of the work I displayed in my final year Gradshow in Visual Communications in 2018.

I started in RichardsDee as an intern, thankfully they seemed to like me so they asked me to stay on as a designer. I’m really happy to be working on projects that I find enjoyable and that challenge me as a designer. Working for RichardsDee has opened some new and exciting opportunities as I have been fortunate enough to speak at Kaleidoscope 2019 with one of (the co-founders) Simon Richards.

Earlier this year, I was delighted to be awarded as one of the winners of ‘The Design Kids 2019’ after being chosen by Jessica Walsh. I’m very excited to be involved with the upstarts as I have always wanted to dip my toes into the world of advertising!