Client: AIB
Brief: The brief was to create a content piece that would go viral.
Background: GAA supportors are the most passionate. Can they hide their emotions 
in order to win money for their club?
Sideline Silence: Inspired by The GAA AIB stunt Rothco did last year, I came up with Sideline Silence. Sideline Silence is the ultimate test for the most dedicated GAA supporters: show your passion by hiding it. Throughout the match, the most die-hard fans will be put to the test by the Silence Seat – if they lose their cool they lose the money for their club.
Rebecca (known as “Bex” to her few friends) got her career timeline all confused and started by breaking America, working in Resource Ammirati. Now that she is home she is working in Boys and Girls. An art director by trade, she is also comfortable with a mixture of mediums, including photography, film, table tennis and karate. 
Rebecca sometimes pretends her hot chocolate is a coffee to fit in.