Business Post

Following the acquisition of the Sunday Business Post by Kilcullen Kapital, we proceeded to undertake a strategic review of the brand. A key commercial objective was to align their plans for an expanding digital offering, with their existing events/exhibition business and their most visible brand offering, the paper on Sunday. We also needed to allow for future diversification and expansion. Working on the brand architecture and positioning, it was agreed to drop the Sunday from the papers title and to put everything under one name, Business Post. Part of our research included consumer testing.

A key component of the brand change was the redesign of the paper, to make it more contemporary and fit with being an international business news organisation albeit in an Irish context. All of its corresponding sections and the magazine itself had to be closely aligned from a brand’s perspective so they felt like a family of publications with all of the key graphic elements considered carefully throughout.

In collaboration with Max Philips of Signal Type Foundry, a new nameplate typeface BP Edition was designed to move slightly but not dramatically from their previous Velino. How the inside sections of the paper were viwed on the home page was also a major consideration as this area within and around the nameplate is valuable real estate and any wrong decision on placement can have an impact on consumer purchase. A new brighter colour green and a complementary colour palette was introduced along with a fully revised layout for the overall paper and its corresponding publications.

Working with the Business Post design team we took their lead in reformatting the paper in compliance with international newspaper layout and design standards. A huge undertaking and incredible amount of work, testing and retesting on both traditional and digital platforms for a seamless transition between both.