Alchemy Juice Co.

Alchemy Juice Co. is a cold pressed juice and health food restaurant and shop situated above BT2 on Grafton Street, Dublin. The client wanted to create a fresh new brand that felt clean (almost medicinal) while also creating a softer playful style. Whilst the client also wanted to stay away from the use of iconic Alchemical symbols, our design focussed on certain elements that are commonly known. We wanted to focus on the etched style of illustration used in Alchemy traditions. We developed a set of illustrated flying characters which represent the idea that natural raw juice elevates us to a higher place. In a way it was poking a little fun at a certain well known brand that fills you with sugar and “gives you wings”! These illustrations were then applied to a range of items such as coffee cups, swing tags, grease proof paper, plastic cups, website etc. The colour palette was kept very simple using only 3 colours. An important part for us was the the letter ‘A’ would be able to sit on it’s own and over time would become a strong symbol for the brand.

We were also heavily involved in the interior design, from the furniture right through to the green neon lights used in the  window to the shelving and various finishes. The furniture and interiors were co-designed by Revert and furniture maker Andrew Burdock.