Sinead Mulvey

Sinead Mulvey | Advertising

Hi my name is Sinéad Mulvey. I’m from Leitrim but have been living and working in Dublin for a few years now. I recently graduated from the Postgrad Diploma in Advertising and Digital Comms from TUD. Before that, I studied Multimedia in DCU, which strangely concluded with four months of studying bodybuilders for my dissertation.

I’m still fairly new to the industry and am looking forward to learning as much as I can about it, and ultimately creating great work. I’m also interested in art and writing, and the advertising world seems like the perfect intersection of these interests.

Project 1 | Irish Heart Foundation.

Since we started working from home, people are more sedentary than ever. This directly impacts heart health and can lead to a number of preventable health issues. The idea behind this project is that our hearts are also working from home.
As our heart’s employers, we haven’t been doing a very good job. We’re not looking after them, or supporting them during the difficult transition to working from home. As a result, our hearts aren’t happy with us, and they might just quit.


Project 2 | Bord na Móna

Open fires have become associated with anti-environmental practices. They’re now seen as dirty instead of homely, and peat briquettes are inherently tied to this. Bord na Móna have now ceased production of these peat briquettes, and want people to see that they are serious about moving forward and implementing greener practices. This TV ad imagines a future without briquettes.

The idea here is that “Briquettes Belong in the Past”. While briquettes have been a staple in Irish homes for decades, their time has come to an end. In order for Ireland to move forward and have a chance at a greener future, they have to go. By making this statement, and officially consigning their most well-known product to history, Bord na Móna are proving that they are committed to serious and tangible action on climate change. They are looking to the future and are closing the door on their past environmentally-unfriendly practices.


Project 3 | AIB

The objective of this OOH campaign is to launch AIB’s MyMortgage application tool and help customers understand the benefit of it. The key benefit of this tool is that customers can now apply and complete their mortgage application from anywhere, at anytime.

The idea for this campaign is “Apply in Your Own Time”. The goal is to illustrate how customers can now take their mortgage application at their own pace, and work it into their regular routines.


Project 4 | Irish Rail

Irish college students often opt for the bus over the train for their journey to and from college, as there is a perception that the bus is cheaper. What they often don’t realise is that Irish Rail offers amazing student deals and a superior experience to other modes of transport. This campaign aims to reposition the train as the superior way for students to travel.

The idea for this campaign is “Live Your Best Student L”: In a world where people often show their “best selves” online and try to curate a lavish lifestyle, the train offers a touch of glamour to students’ lives.


Project 5 | INAR

People who are most at risk of hate crime are reminded of this daily in the media. They see reflections of themselves in the constant stream of news stories and social media posts about these incidents. Most Irish people don’t know this fear.

This campaign aims to “Change the Story”. To do this, we will make Irish people understand what if feels like to know they are at risk simply because of what they look like, where they come from etc. and encourage them to help change the story for those at risk.