ICAD Presidents

ICAD has evolved from an idea conceived of by a small group of visionaries (Jan De Fouw, Ted O'Sullivan, Frank Ryan, Bernard Share, Giles Talbot Kelly, William Bergin, Gerard Doherty & Jarlath Hayes), through the 60's, 70's and 80's into what it is today. We would like to acknowledge the tireless work of so many who kept the organisation alive through good times and bad.

ICAD Presidents

1958-59 William Bergin

1959-60 Gerard Doherty

1960-62 Giles Talbot Kelly

1962-63 Gerard Doherty

1963-64 Iain McCarthaigh

1964-66 Jarlath Hayes

1967-68 Brian Murphy

1968-69 Louis Knowles

1969-71 Rena Dardis

1971-73 Nick van Vliet

1973-74 Pat Shaffer Farrelly

1975-77 Ken Flynn

1977-78 Padraig Doyle

1978-80 Brian Halford

1980-87 Frank O’Hare

1987-89 Catherine Donnelly

1989-90 James Strathern

1990-91 Gai Griffin

1991-92 Martin Wright

1992-94 Garrett Stokes

1994-95 Denis Goodbody

1995-96 John Ferguson

1996-97 Mike Garner

1997-98 Dave Croft

1998-99 Mark Nutley

1999-2000 Siobhan Bunni

2000-02 David Ryan

2002-06 Restructuring Committee: Martin Wright, Garrett Stokes, Carol Lambert, Conor Clarke

2006-07 Ian Doherty

2007-08 Carol Lambert

2008-09 Martin Wright

2009-10 David Joyce

2010-11 Pearse McCaughey

2011-13 Gavin O’Sullivan

2013-14 Oran Day

2014-15 Jake Walshe

2015-16 Kathryn Wilson

2016-19 Rory Hamilton

2019-22 Rossi McAuley

2022-Present Nathan Reilly