Laura Lowry

Laura Lowry | Advertising

Hi, I’m Laura! I am a Graphic Designer and UX Designer living in Dublin. I graduated from the National College of Art and Design in 2017 where I studied for three years specialising in Visual Communications. During my time at NCAD I was a recipient of ‘The Future Makers Award’ and also ‘The Helen Hamlyn Award from the Royal College of Art in London. This year I received my Professional Diploma in User Experience Design from the UX Design Institute.

My personal work features current events mixed with satire and honest discussions about failure as a young designer. I appreciate entertaining work and clever ideas that think outside the box. Oh and I love working with vibrant colours!

Project 1 | AIB – ‘My Mortgage’

The moving process is long, complicated and there are many aspects to it that are out of the your control. Since the mortgage application process is the one thing that is most worrying for people, I wanted to emphasise how AIB have made this process easier, leaving customers feel that they only have to think about the little things.

So, although there may still be uncontrollable factors like your new nosy neighbours, unexpected disasters or rain on moving day… the new ‘My Mortgage’ feature from AIB means your mortgage application won’t be one of them.


Project 2 | Bord Na Mona – ‘Powering Dreams’

People fear for the future generations. They feel that big change is needed, but for that to happen, businesses need to step up. Bord Na Móna are setting up to become Ireland’s climate action leaders with many goals to achieve this, including re-wilding the bogland and halting the production of peat to introduce renewable energy sources.

To bring these goals to life I decided to create a dream sequence of the future bogland as it plays in the mind of a little girl. I wanted to create a fantastical display of Bord Na Móna’s hopes for future generations.


Project 3 | Irish Heart Foundation – ‘NSFW Campaign’

The Irish Heart Foundation are concerned that with the increase in people working from home due to Covid-19, people are living more sedentary lifestyles, putting them at risk of cardiovascular diseases.

I wanted to create something that would really grab peoples attention for this campaign. A message that people couldn’t ignore! NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content usually refers to pornographic visual/audio content. For this campaign, the Irish Heart Foundation are using the shocking visuals usually attached to this type of content as clickbait to spread their message about what really is NSFW regarding health.


Project 4 | INAR – End Hate, Legislate

Ireland is known as “The Land of a Thousand Welcomes”. But with hate crimes rising year by year, the perception that Ireland is a friendly place is proving not entirely true.

For this project, I decided to create an interactive mural that questions our title of “The Land of a Thousand Welcomes”. The mural would be made up of hundreds of individual victim accounts of hate crime in Ireland which the public would be asked to take down one by one, until the campaign message was revealed.

To really drive this message home I thought, where better to execute this stunt than abroad? The countries where Ireland’s reputation is held at it’s highest. If we ourselves are not listening to the fact that there is a problem, then maybe others will. And when better to do this than on St Patricks Day. On the one day we celebrate Ireland all over the world, we show there’s not much to celebrate.


Project 5 | Irish Rail – ‘Easier Ways to Save’

Irish Rail want to reposition the rail as student friendly and affordable to drive student ticket sales.

For this project, I wanted to exaggerate the lengths that students go to, to save money. I decided to create a humorous OOH campaign showing how far students might go to save money on their travel costs. Whether that means walking all the way back to college from Galway, using any set of wheels you can find to get there, or riding back to Dublin on a cow. With Irish Rail student fares, there are easier ways to save.


Project 6 | Samaritans – #GoingBlue

Talking to a friend is often the first step people take in getting help and is usually the best step towards getting professional help from organisations like the Samaritans. People who suffer with mental health issues often feel like sharing they problem is a burden to others. They feel like they are taking up peoples time and energy needlessly. The Samaritans want to use Blue Monday to let people who are struggling know that there is help out there for what they are going through. And also, make the rest of the population more supportive and compassionate everyday.

I decided to create a social media campaign called #GoingBlue. Blue Monday would announce the addition of a new blue availability icon for social media that users can make as a permanent change to their profiles. This would allow people in need of help to see how many people are willing to listen. It would also be a permanent, everyday visual reminder for everyone on social media of what the blue icon represents.