Kinga Strama

Kinga Strama | Design

Hi, my name is Kinga! I am a recent graduate from BA Graphic Design course in NCAD. My interest lies in contemporary graphic communication and the role of typography within it, the use of typography as a medium of communication and as a universal visual language.

Project 1 | Road Sign Campaign

According to the Global Digital 2019 Study, the number of internet users is increasing by more than one million every day. The pandemic pushed our lives ever further online the next year, but it’s still unclear where we can draw the line. Although technology and social media have allowed us to interact in
a variety of unique and exciting ways, they have also developed a world that is deeply fragmented and lonely, with isolation and anxiety being the norm.

For this brief, I wanted to design a road sign initiative to inspire people to disconnect from social media and reconnect with the world around them. Each of the road signs made has a warning that asks users to be mindful of their social media use as well as the dangers of internet use.


Project 2 | Sphere Platform

The Arts Council of Ireland is the Irish government body in charge of arts growth. Working in collaboration with artists, arts organizations, public policymakers, and other stakeholders to establish the arts as a core feature of Irish life. With the advent of the Covid-19 global pandemic, the arts in Ireland have been among the hardest hit sectors.

For this brief, I decided to create a platform called ‘Sphere’, which I hope will bring some much-needed light and fun to an otherwise dark and difficult world. Artists may use this platform to not only highlight their work and performances, but also to earn sponsorships.

The term “Sphere” refers to a specific field of function, interest, or expertise; a segment of society or aspect of life that is differentiated and united by a specific attribute.


Project 3 | Yours Truly Self-Portrait

As Albrecht Dürer signed his famed self-portrait with his commanding monogram “AD” in 1500, he not only completed a masterpiece, but also laid the groundwork for a long-lasting cultural phenomenon: self-depiction, or, as we know it today, the selfie.

For this project, we were asked to think of ourselves in terms of objects and create a still life self-portrait image of objects that represented us.

Looking at items that we use everyday, objects that symbolise our interests, hobbies, jobs, or relationships to others. Final deliverables included one still life photo that includes objects that are symbolic representations of ourselves and a caption.


Project 4 | QANON Website and Brandmark

Following its popularity in the United States Capitol, QAnon has registered as a 501(c) non-profit lobbying group committed to ridding the federal government of its satan-worshipping pedophile vampires and their Democratic enablers.

This brief called for the creation of a new brandmark, type and color palette, and a homepage with a donation link. The key intent was to make the violent overthrow of the US government and the ensuing race war seem wholesome, truly patriotic, forward-thinking, and, most importantly, fashionable.


Project 5 | Untangle App

As the world continues to fight COVID-19, frontline staff are under unprecedented pressures, placing their physical and mental health at risk. Long-term exposure to high levels of stress may have a negative impact on our physical and behavioural well-being, leading to burnout and the onset of chronic mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

I decided to design an app called that will allow frontline workers to distress from their job. “Untangle App” searches the internet for news and chooses only positive news from around the world.


Project 6 | Lockdown

Project based on a brief titled “ The Internet is Your Enemy”. It required to avoid internet, research items at home, to approach this project differently, to be unique and to make it personal. “354 Days of Lockdown” Zine is based on the memories of lockdown in Ireland from March 2020 to March 2021. The zine is created by using newspaper, photographs and a scanner.