Jess & Jessie

Jess & Jessie | Advertising

No, you’re not seeing double! (But you’re almost reading it)

We are Jess (words) & Jessie (pictures), a creative duo brought together by a shared name but united by an Agatha Christie obsession.

Together, like Big Ideas™, What Ifs…?™ and all your other standard Advertising jargon.

We’ve got a fondness for storytelling, a love for good craft, and an inescapable need to make puns wherever we can. You can see the results of this on, which might just be the greatest pun of all.

Outside of work, Jessie designs tattoos and is a certified Hans Zimmer groupie and grilled cheese enthusiast. Jess is nifty with a sewing machine, has two spoiled cats, and writes about the people who used to own her books.

Project 1 | Spectrum

A question for you: when you think of Autistic people in the media, do you think of Sheldon Cooper or Rainman first? Or maybe you’re branching out with The Good Doctor, or Atypical?

Media representations of Autism tend have a narrow lens, even though Autism is a spectrum (it’s right there in the name!) While there’s nothing wrong with these characters in and of themselves, having no wider Autistic representation can be damaging for the Autistic community.

Inspired by this, we developed Spectrum. Spectrum is a 360-degree interactive sensory experience & art installation that brings the Autism spectrum to life. AsIAm, through a collaboration with IMMA, will highlight Autistic voices, and get the public to question all their preconceptions about Autism.


Project 2 | Chef

Ketchup. It’s such a kitchen table dinnertime staple, that most of us just overlook it.

Well, not anymore!

In a fresh and topical campaign for Chef Ketchup, we decided to add a little bit of drama to mealtimes by taking inspiration from crime thrillers and murder mysteries.


Project 3 | Special Olympics Ireland

It’s official: Covid is over, and everyone is resuming their pre-pandemic activities!

Well, almost everyone.

Special Olympics athletes depend on volunteers, but with previous volunteers reluctant to come back after Covid, and new volunteers not familiar with what Special Olympics can offer, they’ve found themselves in need of a recruitment campaign like no other.

To raise awareness of the role “U” play as a Special Olympics volunteer, we created a high-impact, activation-led campaign that finds our target audiences in places they’re guaranteed to see, by “borrowing” the U from Irish university signs and hijacking every U in the Classified section of the newspaper.