Ian Scott

Ian Scott | Design

Hi, my name is Ian and I have come to graphic design a little later in life. After many years of building gardens, I felt it was time for a change (not to mention the physical hardship). I’ve always had an interest in graphic design through my passion for collecting records and admiring record sleeves and club flyers.

I have been involved with the DJ community here in Dublin since the mid-90s. I also co-host an award-winning podcast, which I do all the artwork for as well as designing posters for our club events around the city.

Developing my graphic design skills has been quite a journey. one in which I’m looking forward to continuing for many years to come.

Project 1 | Still Time


Still Time is an immersive canteen area designed to be portable. It can be installed easily in any healthcare facility to enable workers to de-stress and escape the daily onslaught of work. Immersive sensory installations have been proven to lower stress and anxiety dramatically. Ten to twenty minutes enjoying a coffee, been enveloped in the sights and sounds of nature could be hugely beneficial to our frontline workers.

The logo combines two dramatically different font styles. One indicates the technology behind the experience, while the other is very sensual and humane. Images of meadows and warm beaches entice the person in to Still Time.


Project 2 | Switch Off

Switch Off is a campaign to combat phone and internet addiction. The two pronged OOh poster campaign raises awareness of the problem and encourages people to simply switch their phones off and engage with the real world around them. The first campaign uses humour, reimagining famous moments in history in the social media age. The second campaign is a more traditional approach, using simple vector illustrations to convey the message.

The website offers sound advice to help combat internet addiction. Soft warm muted colours with an unclutterd layout makes it easier to absorb the information. Navigation is basic with fewer options but with clear concise information.


Project 3 | Home Stage


Home Stage was the name chosen for a platform for the arts. Performers have lost their traditional platforms, and for the most part must perform from home. . The arts provides us with an escape from our confines. A simple box tilted and incorporating the letterforms forms the logo. The letterforms are almost trying to burst out from their confines.

The website uses cool crisp colours with strong photo elements in a simple uncluttered layout. The concept behind the site is to conjur up the excitement of a normal night out with your friends. You can click on a venue and see what events are streaming. During and after events, chatrooms enable attendees to interact with each other.


Project 4 | Noble Patriot


For the rebrand of Qanon, ditching the name was crucial due to the toxic nature of the group. The name Noble Patriot was chosen to imbue a certain legitimacy such as a respected news agency. Inspiration for the website came from the likes of CBS, Fox News, NRA, and defence recruitment websites.

The logo uses a font with robust and friendly characteristics; “we are a serious but non-threatening organization”. A star underpins the letterforms as a symbol of American hope and pride. Strong vibrant colours give impact and weight to the content, engaging with a younger audience and stands out from the crowd. The poster campaign drives home their message with cloaked slogans.


Project 5 | The Adventures of Barney

Inspired by an experience I had travelling in Ethiopia, I created an illustrated children’s book Barney and the baboons. This has been a secret dream of mine to do. When the book was completed, the next logical step was to create an educational website for children.

The website has been designed to hold a child’s attention for no more than 20 minutes at a time. Each day or week, the content is changed, so a child returning can have fresh content to explore. Children can learn about the world, nature, environmental issues as well as enjoying puzzles and reading further adventures.