Grace O’Brien

Grace O’Brien | Design

Grace is a designer, animator and illustrator based in Dublin. She graduated from NCAD in 2020 with a degree in Graphic Design. Her work is playful, colourful and highly curious. She creates work that is research-driven, with a focus on investigation and problem-solving. She has a keen interest in music, film and politics often inspires her design work.

Project 1 | Fix

Fix is an app which encourages people to reduce their social media usage and engage in the world around them. Fix is a new kind of mindfulness app where tasks are presented as games rather than work. This project borrows the psychological tricks social media apps use to make people addicted to using their service.The main aim of this app is to make people addicted to caring about their wellbeing.

The app is called FIX for two reasons: it helps to fix your engagement with the world around you, and improves your wellbeing. You will also get ‘your fix’ from this app.The addictive elements of this app allow for a positive lifestyle change.


Project 2 | Plynth


Plynth is an online platform which showcases artist’s work and performance. This project was to assist the Arts Council of Ireland in finding a new way to experience the arts during the pandemic. Minimalist shapes representing different categories of the arts are composited to form a plinth-like structure, which depicts our need to support the arts during this hard-hitting time for the industry.


Project 3 | Lockdown Survival Guide

 A satirical informative video on how to remain positive during one of the most devastating events of our recent history. Scanned images are sourced entirely from books and ephemera at home.