Ellen Jones

Ellen Jones | Advertising

Hello, I’m Ellen! I’m a junior art director from Kildare. Originally coming from a background in psychology, I decided to pursue my creative dreams and head back to college to do the MSc in Advertising at TUD from 2019-2020. During my time there I was delighted to receive a D&AD new blood graphite pencil with two of my classmates! I also love all things art and illustration and create some personal work focusing on Irish humor and nostalgia. It may of been a rocky start in the industry given we graduated during a pandemic but it hasn’t deterred me and I’m eager to keep immersing myself in all things ad world and art direction.

Project 1 | Irish Rail

Irish Rail wanted to show first year students that the train was the superior (& affordable) way to travel between home and college. I’m an avid user of the train although I admit it’s been a while since I’ve been a first year student. After some time stepping back into the student mindset, which involved eating nothing but instant noodles for two days, I landed on the insight that they value how they spend their time. This led to the thought that the train should be a relaxing break from the stress of a college week – they should be able to get on board and ‘Forget The Chaos’. Forget the chaos is a playful and humorous campaign that shows students Irish rail can be their sanctuary without putting pressure on the wallet.


Project 2 | Irish Heart Foundation

The Irish Heart Foundation wanted to increase public awareness of the risks of a sedentary lifestyle and get more people moving from their desk throughout the day. I tried to think of what all these people had in common and what could be utilised to get them moving. After blasting ‘edge of seventeen’ trying to conceptualise I came to the conclusion that it was music. Many people love listening to music or podcasts, whether they’re working at a desk or working out. So, how could I use people’s love for music to encourage them to keep moving and Beat Heart Disease (yes that is a pun, I’m sorry). The answer was simple after glancing down at my phone and seeing that familiar green circle – Spotify. This campaign creates a partnership between the Irish heart foundation and Spotify in order to offer incentive to move and awareness on what happens if you don’t – on that note I’m off to get my daily step count in.


Project 3 | Special Olympics Ireland

Throughout the pandemic many volunteers became disengaged – Special Olympics Ireland wanted to encourage these volunteers to come back so they could get the remaining 40% of their clubs back up and running. The volunteers needed a reminder that these 117 clubs rely on their help to re-open now that it’s safe to do so. So why not use literal doors to serve as this reminder? ‘Open The Doors’ is a campaign that creates an emotional appeal by focusing on the closed doors of the Special Olympics Ireland clubs and what would happen if people volunteered to help reopen them.