Donal Gaughran

Donal Gaughran | Advertising

Heya. My name is Donal. I’m a Dubliner and keen gaeilgeoir, with an interest in sport and music released before I was born. I am also a graduate of a particularly boring business degree.

After 12 months spent in client service I realised it wasn’t for me and ‘came out’ as a writer. With the help of too many to name I pieced together my first portfolio and found myself a job. I’m currently working as a copywriter in Connelly Partners Dublin and loving it. I don’t fast-forward through ads, much to my friends’ annoyance.

Project 1 | Anytime, anywhere

Throughout Covid-19 restrictions people have been frustrated with feeling like their lives are on pause. With this OOH campaign I wanted to communicate that with the new AIB MyMortgage tool app, customers can work on their mortgage application, anytime and anywhere.

During the day, the first billboard would be darkened and simply read “We Back Belief” with the AIB logo. At night, using halo lighting, the phone and copy would light up the billboard to reveal a woman working on her mortgage in bed, to show you can work on your mortgage whenever you like.. The second image would brighten rather during the day instead, with thanks to the ‘sun’ and copy. This time communicating that you can work on your mortgage wherever inspiration strikes.


Renewing Ireland’s Future

29 years ago Bord na Móna’s Bellacorick peat production farm became Ireland’s first wind farm. Today, Bord na Móna has ceased all peat production. In just a couple of generations, there’s been immense change for good, but so much more needs to be done, and fast.

In this TV spot we tell the story of one family’s changing relationship with a bog. A relationship that symbolises both Ireland’s shifting relationship with bogs, and the huge changes Bord na Móna are making to renew Ireland’s future.

View pdf here


Project 3 | The Invitation

Currently vandals who engage in racist graffiti, the type of which is littered across Dublin and Ireland, can only be charged as just that, vandals. Not racists. To help the Irish Network Against Racism, INAR, create a sense of urgency for hate crime legislation in Ireland I waned to show how little consequence there currently is for these acts.

By sending out an ‘invitation’ for vandals to write racist messages we can highlight this issue with the wider public and drive home the need for hate crime legislation in Ireland. And if any vandals did accept, this would hopefully create even more urgency for legislation.

The accompanying radio spot aims to create urgency for hate crime legislation by asking white Irish listeners if there would be greater urgency if they too were at risk.

View pdf for accompanying radio spot here