Daire Bourke Boyle

Daire Bourke Boyle | Design

Hello, I’m Daire. I’m really keen to get my teeth into the creative industry while I’m fresh out of college. I believe that the best way of learning is through doing and I’m excited to refine and expand my creative process.

Project 1 | Digital Detox

Digital Detox is an online campaign that hits users at their weakpoints: in the scroll.
A friendly reminder aims to snap viewers out of their digital stupor and encourage them to use their time doing something more beneficial.


Project 2 | Ardán

Ardán is an online platform that unites the Arts in Ireland on one stage. Ardán takes its identity from an animal’s cellular structure. Each shape represents a section of the Arts.


Project 3 | Fresh Air

Animals, food, the outdoorsm music… all objects that describe me fairly well.


Project 4 | QAnon

Branding and Homepage for the most serious guys in town, this project takes visual reference from the Stars and Stripes.


Project 5 | My Day

An app that encourages frontline workers to look at what they did do with their day. It’s beneficial to focus on the positives when times are tough.


Project 6 | Fruit

Where does that come from? With so much fruit available in my local Tesco, I wa interested to see where it all comes from. This project raises questions on both appreciation and sustainability, while also being a bit of craic.