Claire Dillon

Claire Dillon | Design

I’m Claire Dillon and I’m a graphic designer from Limerick. After graduating from LSAD in 2020, I’ve gone on to work at Post Studio and Deloitte Digital and I’m very excited to take part in Upstarts.

I love bringing a sense of humour to my work and experimenting with puns and pop culture. This year, I was one of the winners of The Design Kids Awards, commended in the ICAD Awards and my work has been shortlisted for the IDI and RSA awards. I’m also a self-proclaimed banana bread connoisseur and tea fanatic.

Project 1 | Our Best Shot

It is estimated that immunization prevents 2-3 million deaths each year. Due to misinformation, however, vaccine reluctance is steadily increasing among populations. The United Nations aims to combat this barrier and encourage vaccine uptake.

As we face a worldwide pandemic, it is important that we these address concerns surrounding vaccines and offer reassurance. My foldout A2 poster and brochure aims to tackle misinformation, allowing families to feel secure in their decision to vaccinate.


Project 2 | An Cór

In response to a brief set by CI Studio, I created An Cór, an online platform to support artists affected by the covid pandemic. An Cór gives artists and performers the opportunity to showcase their work on the big bad internet and engage with the public. With bright colours and positive messages, it allows artists to let amplify their voices and unpause the applause.


Project 3 | Still Living

My Self-Portrait, Still Living, 06.02.21, is an exploration into my daily habits. By recording the objects I interact with daily, I had hoped to capture my routines and regimes while giving a nod to my love of design and traditional art. In reality, I captured a more vulnerable side to myself that’s a little more restless, with a tendency to be my own worst critic.


Project 4 | Qmmunity

In response to the very interesting challenge of rebranding the infamous conspiracy group, QAnon, I visualised Qmmunity, a friendly, trendy and welcoming community where members can come together to express their faith.

I wanted Q’Anon to appear wholesome, positive and trendy while encouraging a sense of community among its no-longer anonymous followers. Targeting social media loving middle-class millenials who want to feel included, validated and part of a movement, the integral message of the campaign is that Q’Anon believers are ‘Just like Q’.


Project 5 | Bubble

In response to a brief set by Deloitte Digital, I created Bubble, an app designed to reduce anxiety among frontline workers. The app allows users to swap their worries for positive, community generated thoughts and messages of support.

The App is divided into three ‘Bubbles’ — the Thought Bubble, the Worry Bubble and the Support Bubble. Each Bubble plays a different role in allowing the user to mindfully organise and let go of their thoughts. I was inspired by my own experiences with negative thoughts, particularly focusing on the coping mechanisms I have adopted to deal with them.


Project 6 | Mammy

In response to a brief set by Red and Grey, I created Mammy, The Irish Mothers Guide to Staying Alive, a book of tips and tricks to help young adults in need of a bit of motherly advice. Mammy has all the info you need to know as you embark on life as a fully fledged adult, from how to separate your whites, clean with baking soda and break up with the fella.