Cian Pawle-Bates

Cian Pawle-Bates | Design

My name is Cian and I’ve lived in Dublin my entire life. My earliest graphic design memories are forging Pokémon cards and drawing comics at the age of 7. Since then, I’ve graduated from IADT with a degree in Visual Communications. I have a great affinity for tactile design and I’m always excited to work with new materials, textures and formats. More importantly, I’m excited to work with different people who have unique perspectives and new stories to tell.

Project 1 | Scope


The Covid-19 pandemic has challenged everyone’s lives in one way or another. For some, remote working became the logical step to take. For others, such as artists and musicians, a whole industry folded overnight. With no cultural spaces, venues or galleries, the arts have struggled to survive the various national lockdowns.

CI Studio asked us to propose and brand a new platform that could give the arts in Ireland a virtual place to show the many talents on offer. ‘Scope’ is a digital platform split into six categories: Art, Film, Music Literature, Performance and Architecture. Irish creatives can sign up and begin sharing their work immediately for all to see and support. For the general public, ‘Scope’ serves as a window into the lives and practices of Irish artists and performers.


Project 2 | Hopspot

Red&Grey set a brief to make something, anything, provided we abstain from using the internet for inspiration. We could only use what was close to hand. Books, objects, etc.

After selecting some of my dad’s books at random, I found “All in, All in!”, a book of street games and songs of inner-city Dublin children from decades past. This book inspired me to look at chalk games such as Hopscotch and Beds. “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a chalk revival?”

Hopspot is a proposed initiative by Dublin City Council whereby designated play spaces are inserted in built-up urban areas. I have designed a map of all available Hopspots in Dublin City, as well as an illustrated guide to some games.


Project 3 | QAnon Rebrand

The brief to rebrand the QAnon conspiracy group was one of my favourites. Conspiracy groups by their very nature use fear and violent rhetoric to prey on vulnerable members of our communities. If a conspiracy group such as QAnon is to succeed ‘under the radar’, an effective method would be a positive tone of voice.

QAnon often uses children as the emotional leverage for manipulating followers. Because of this, I chose young, middle-class families as the target group for this project. By using family-oriented language and sophisticated typography, QAnon is redecorated as a cause worth joining and supporting. As always, a collection of merchandise is available to sweeten the deal.


Project 4 | Looking Up to False Idols?

A portrait of oneself, made entirely out of objects.

Every day I look out my window and I’m greeted by the colossus that is Phibsborough Shopping Centre. It is now as much a part of my identity as it is a part of my environment. As I dress myself with patterns, modern and traditional, I can’t help but feel like I am subconsciously cosplaying as the absurd building outside my window.