Caitlín Roarty

Caitlín Roarty | Advertising

My name is Caitlín, I’m from a small Gaeltacht in Donegal and I’ve been living in Dublin for the past 7 years on and off. I’ve always loved ads. I studied Visual Communications in DIT from 2015 to 2019 and in my final year focused on UX Design and Art Direction. A week after my final year exhibition I started a job as a UX designer in a small PR software company, I’ve been working in UX ever since, now working in Accenture. But that itch for art direction is still there as strong as ever and that’s why I decided it was time to do Upstarts.

Project 1 | Special Olympics

‘Most’ clubs are back up and running isn’t good enough. 60% of Special Olympics Athletes being able to get back to competing and training still means that 2 in 5 athletes are missing out. Not just on the sport but on the confidence, connection and everything else that comes with being a part of the Special Olympics.

So why don’t we highlight the contrast between those who get to go back and those who don’t. With the simple line: We’re not back until we’re all back. Why not create a TVC with a 3 to 2 ratio split screen, following a young girl who gets to join a club and a young boy who doesn’t. Sure, the happiness and joy of the games will take up most of the real estate, but it will only further amplify lack of it in the boy who can’t join. Let’s then show the viewer what happens when more volunteers join, and the screen is no longer split as the two athletes meet at a table tennis tournament.


Project 2 | Chef Ketchup

The main thing that caught my attention with this brief was that Chef Ketchup is made in Cabra. I never knew that, and from asking around with friends and family, not many others knew either. People love to buy Irish for multiple reasons, better for the economy, better for the environment and just sheer pride.

So how was it that Chef Ketchup wasn’t associated with Dublin? Well, when you see the Ketchup on a supermarket Shelf and notice the logo, it would be fair to assume the Moustachioed Chef mascot looks like he might be found in Naples sooner than Cabra.

So let’s change this. Let’s introduce ‘Chef’ and the Cabra factory to the people of Ireland with the help of Paul McGrath. Let’s play into the fact he looks Italian, only for him to turn to Paul when he asks about Italy and say ‘What dya mean, sure I’m from Cabra’ (Channeling ‘Sure I wouldn’t know, I’m from Donegal’).


Project 3 | Irish Rail

If there’s one thing that used to stop me from going home during college (asides from the fact it took 5 and a half hours) it was the price of the ticket. Students are often running very low on funds by Friday and might have to do some quick budgeting in their head while weighing up whether going home is worth it. And often, the thought of saving money by raiding mammy’s kitchen cupboards before you head back will tilt the scales.

So let’s associate the comfort and value for money of what you steal from home with the comfort and value for money of an Irish Rail student ticket.