Bryan Minton

Bryan Minton | Advertising

A Creative who has a heart for ads, and sleeps beside lions at night.

Bryan was born in Romania, adopted to Ireland, went to school in the Netherlands, and worked in New York, Romania, Singapore, Bali, and the UK. A journeyman he may be, as he searched and sought for that creative soal with his pencil in his pocket hole.

The lust of returning to Ireland was always on his mind to find what’s native and free the tales from our Beautiful minds.

Project 1 | Bord Na Mona

Bord Na Mona’s is changing from brown to green. They have pledged to contribute towards a carbon-neutral Ireland by the year 2050.

Ireland is known as the emerald isle, the land of forty shades of green, clean bathing waters, silver sands, and rolling hills to take in the freshest of air. So we are led believe, but Ireland doesn’t live up to its ‘green’ image. In fact, when it comes to renewable energy Ireland ranks second lowest in Europe. People Feel like they’re doing their part for the environment but we need more support.

How can BNM show its pledge for a greener Ireland by showing Ireland In its true colors while calling on business and the government to do more?

Irelands emissions are 50% higher than the EU average and it’s the fourth largest in the EU. Bord na Monas changes the green of Ireland on google maps to reveal how green Ireland really is by taking 50 percent out. We inform people all about the great work BNM has pledged to do. And then we call on Irish people, business and the government to help us get our green back by pledging for a greener Ireland. As we get more and more pledges, Ireland will start to recolour.


Project 2 | Flights of Racism

Ethnic groups and Immigrants have been told to go back home since the day they arrived In Ireland After President Trump’s racist tweets attacking four congresswomen of color, telling them to “go back” to the “places from which they came,” online racial slur has increased to 1 tweet every 3 minutes. last year alone there was over 670 cases of hate crime in Ireland.

We partner with Ryanair where people can book a discounted flight back home to their country be it from Romania, Poland, Kenya or even Ireland to see their family and friends. We launch the teaser phase with Videos and Press ads.

After this drives a lot of negative PR will reveal the real message behind our campaign.
#Racism has no home.

We call on the Irish people to help fast forward the legislation around hate crime immediately through a unique call to action. Help close flight of racism. Meaning Ryanair will end this service.

Ryanair doesn’t want you to stay in your home country forever so they are offering a free return flight.


Project 3 | IKEA

Doctors say sitting is the new smoking. On average we spend up to 9 hour’s a day sitting. Sedentary behaviours increase your risk of cardiovascular disease by 147%.

Due to Covid-19 many people are now working from home but are using unsuitable desks and chairs which is leading to poor posture and can result in repetitive injuries. At the moment, there is no government mandate to force businesses into buying everyone office furniture.

Robert Trager, DC, says that “sitting on the floor in different positions puts less stress on our body and can increase our overall mobility in our hips and joints and lower blood pressure.

Ikea creates new bespoke office furniture for everyday working thus enhancing comfort and helping people’s bodies. Office rugs and cushions will be designed from cultures that are associated with floor living such as Turkey, South Korea and Japan.

In the office furniture section on the IKEA website and in-store we will place our very own new legless office furniture collection.

The new collection will help drive pr around the unforgiving siting can be for our bodies and help drive the government to enforce business for buying office furniture.


Project 4 | Racismbnb

In 1960’s it was common to see signs up on doors of lodgings which read
“NO Blacks, NO Dogs, NO Irish”.

Now when you go to stay in airbnb there is a set of rules in which the guest must read and adhere to.

How do we get Irish people to experience what hate crime feels like? All we have to do is go back to the 1960s.

We create an airbnb listing with the most Racial of rules in the world.

We invite influencers and news cast and members of the government to stay in the Airbnb.

These friendly rules act as a reminder to Irish people not to forget the past. And show the racial hate people go through 2021.

By reporting the listing it signs the petition to unite legislate against hate crime.