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The 2024 ICAD Awards open on April 9th 2024. Below is a comprehensive list of categories, as well as entry guidelines.

To be eligible for the Awards, all key creatives for a given entry must be ICAD members. In the case of craft categories, the key craftsperson e.g. the photographer for a Photography entry must be an ICAD member.

The person actually entering projects into the awards platform does not necessarily require membership; however, the creative on whose behalf the work is being entered does.

To join ICAD email [email protected]




In 2024 ICAD Award entries are charged at €50 until the 26th of April. Following this, entries will be charged at the higher rate of €100 per entry.


Does everyone who worked on the project need to be a member?

All key creatives for a given entry must be ICAD members, or in the case of craft categories, the key craftsperson (i.e., the photographer for a Photography entry). The person actually entering projects into the awards platform does not necessarily require ICAD membership. The creative on whose behalf the work is being entered does. Anyone you’d expect to go on stage to accept the award should be a member.

What if I have trouble logging in?

If you can’t remember your award platform password, you can easily reset it through the award platform. If you continue to have difficulty logging in, please contact [email protected]

Can other people in my agency/studio submit entries too?

Yes. Different people from the same company can submit entries. Each should set up their own user profile and assign the entries to the relevant company.

Do I need to be a member to enter for a Greenhorn or Student award?

Yes, without ICAD membership your entry will be null and void. To join ICAD email [email protected]

How do I enter for a Greenhorn or Student award?

Greenhorn and Student categories work differently from the other categories. You’re not entering a single piece of work, but rather a body of work by a creative who fits the criteria for Greenhorn (working in the industry for three years or less). Please see the Categories & Fees document (available to download on this page) for further details.

How do I know what categories to enter?

See the Categories & Fees document. If you’re still not sure, contact [email protected]. Please note that judges may move work between categories if they feel another category would better suit the work.

What’s the difference between a single and a campaign entry?

A single entry is where one execution is entered. A campaign entry includes more than one execution. In some categories, particularly in Design, ‘campaign’ is replaced with ‘series’ or ‘range’.

What files do I need to submit?

Please see the Categories document at the top of this page.

How many files should I provide?

Please see the Categories & Fees document.

How many screenshots can I provide for TV and digital entries?

Please see the Categories & Fees document.

Can I enter case study videos?

Yes, if you feel it would help explain your entry, but remember, we’ll be judging the concept and execution of your entry and not the production of your case study. If you feel a case study video is required, please consider the judges’ time and keep it short.

How do I best represent my work?

In all instances, we are trying to simulate the original experience of the viewer for the jury. In the case of a book or a press ad, this is relatively straightforward. In other categories, it can be more complicated. Please try to provide enough details to the jury that they have a full grasp of what you are entering while not overloading them with unnecessary information.

What information should I include in my files?

Ideally, the only information should be contained in the work itself or information requested in the entry system. Files should not be captioned and should not contain the name of the entrant unless the work is self-promotional.

Terms & Conditions

By entering the ICAD Awards, entrants agree to be bound, and abide, by the following rules. ICAD (“we”) may vary the rules from time to time, in which case the variation will take effect from the date of publication of the new rules on our website: icad.ie.

We have absolute discretion to determine the application of the rules or to resolve any ambiguity in them as we see fit.

(i) We may, in our absolute discretion, at any time, refuse or withdraw entries which, in our reasonable opinion: → breach applicable laws, regulations or industry-recognised codes of practice; → offend national sentiments, religious sentiments, or public taste; → do not meet the eligibility requirements; or → in any other way conflict with the rules.

(ii) Creative must have been aired or published between April 1st 2023 and March 31st 2024. No conceptual work will be accepted except in the case of student entries.

(iii) Entries must have been created by members of ICAD, but can contain elements supplied by non-members.

(iv) Only members of ICAD are eligible to receive awards.

(v) Entries must have been created for use in commercial advertising or design.

(vi) Work submitted for previous ICAD awards is not eligible except in the case of Greenhorn entries.

(vii) Individual pieces submitted to previous ICAD awards do not qualify for entry as part of campaigns even if they are included with newly created work. Altered work does not qualify for entry if submitted for previous ICAD awards.

(viii) We reserve the right to seek written proof from the commissioner that work submitted for judging in the ICAD awards was aired specifically as an advertising or design communication between the dates shown above.

(ix) The final closing date will be strict for all members.

(x) We will not enter into correspondence about entries.

(xi) The jurors’ decision is final. The jury reserves the right not to make an award in any category if they feel no entries deserve one.

(xii) Lobbying will disqualify the entrant.

(xiii) Whilst every care will be taken in the storage of entries, ICAD will not accept responsibility for loss or damage of entries and our storage facilities are limited. Return of entries must be arranged by the entrant. Please indicate if you wish to receive your entries back at the time of entry.

(xiv) The board of ICAD is not permitted to interfere with the judging procedure, and all entered work that receives an ICAD Award is at the absolute discretion of the judging panel.

(xv) If the same piece of work is entered by two different companies into the same category, the entry from the company whose work is most relevant to that category will be accepted. The second party may forfeit their entry fees.

(xvi) Entrants for a Greenhorn Award must have been working in the industry for three years or less at the time of entry. Work entered must be valid commercial work.

(xvii) Entrants for a Student Award must be currently studying or have graduated within the preceding 12 months. Work entered must have been created as part of their course.

(xviii) No entries can be withdrawn from the awards after the deadline.

(xix) Entry fees are non-refundable.

(xx) We cannot be held responsible for the miscalculation of entry fees on the part of an entrant. In all instances, the entrant is liable for the full amount.

(xxi) We reserve the right to determine, at our absolute discretion, whether the rules have been complied with. If we find the entrant may have breached the rules, we will invite the entrant to explain any mitigating facts or circumstances. If we find the rules have been breached, we have the right to disqualify the relevant entry.

(xxii) Entrants should not: (a) bring the awards into disrepute; or (b) do anything which could be prejudicial to the image and/or reputation of the ICAD Awards. Where we, in our absolute discretion, consider that the entrant has not complied with this clause, we may withdraw their entry or revoke their ICAD Award.