Artist-Run Europe

In answering the question ‘What makes artist-run spaces different?’, Artist-Run Europe is part how-to manual, part history, and part socio-political critique of the conditions, organisational models, and role of artist-led practice within contemporary art and society.

The aim is to show how artist-run practice manifests itself, how artist-run spaces are a distinctive and central part of visual art culture, and how they present a complex, heterogeneous, and necessary set of alternatives to the art institution, museum and commercial gallery. It seeks to develop and encourage discourse on the subject within the wider field of contemporary practice, be a source for academics and students, and act as a practical tool for those running or wishing to set up artist-run spaces.

The publication is Swiss bound, with an 8-panel gatefold cover, printed 4/4 on 250gsm Cyclus Offset 100 (a fully recycled paper stock) with an open spine, and sewn with yellow thread. The front matter extends to 160pp and is printed 4/4 on 115gsm Cyclus Offset 100, while the index is printed 1/1 on 80gsm Kaskad Grün Leafbird. The Swiss binding method allows the publication to be opened out completely flat. The size of the publication is 165 x 234 mm – the optimum page size when printing off an SRA1 sheet – to achieve minimum waste.