Anthony McDonagh

Anthony McDonagh | Advertising

Anthony decided to pursue a career in advertising after a chance encounter with Tom Hanks. Hanks practically begged the dashingly handsome young man to go for it. So he did. Outside of advertising, Anthony enjoys shark swimming, finger-painting with Björk, and filling his ‘about me’ sections with white lies and tall tales. But don’t hold it against him. He’s a copywriter, telling stories is what he’s all about.

Project 1 | Rothco | Dublin Bus | Pride

In celebration of Pride, what could Dublin Bus do to make LGBTQ+ refugees feel safe and welcome in Ireland?


Project 2 | Havas | Chef | No. 1 Ketchup

Chef is the second most popular ketchup in Ireland, how do we get to number one?


Project 3 | TBWA | Jameson | Responsible Drinking

Inspire and enable Jameson fans to drink more moderately.