Alex & Jordyn

Alex & Jordyn | Advertising

Our names are Alex Hayes and Jordyn Mulvey.

One-half copywriter, one-half art director and one whole creative team.

We are possibly related but definitely creative.

We came together as a creative partnership while at ICAD Upstarts. Whether we were drawn to each other because of our incredibly similar hair colour or even more similar unemployment status, the results remained the same; strong copy and bold creative imagery. There was a questionable overlap between one member’s Grammarly free trial running out; the other’s mental breakdown over drawing a chicken and the development of the partnership, but we decided to look past all of that.

Throughout our time together we have seen our skills in all areas of creativity honed through trial, error and laughs.

Project 1 | Dublin Rape Crisis

When approaching the task of not only creating a more open discussion about women’s safety, but also proactively trying to help reduce the risk women face daily, we came up with the activation ‘Highlighting Women’s Safety’.

The idea came from a very regular discussion we have with women we know who explained how they constantly change their routes to get home on nights out to only walking down well-lit streets with CCTV on them. The copy ‘Highlighting Women’s Safety’ was purposely simple and to the point. The whole idea from the copy to the activation was meant to be uncomplicated so that it could actually be put in place without any massive difficulty.


Project 2 | Chef Ketchup

When approaching this brief, we decided to step back and try to see what makes Chef Ketchup a staple of Irish kitchens. We went through Irishisms and decided that Irish people really value things that go against the grain. Being brave means being bold. This is where we came to the idea ‘Brings Out The Bold’. Unique taste for unique people. Unfortunately, Jordyn wasn’t a big fan of ketchup, but fortunately, it courses through my veins. This meant we had the perspective of two people on either side of the product. The poster showing an incredibly brave Mayo fan in hill 16 really doesn’t summarise ‘Brings Out The Bold’.


Project 3 | Iarnrod Eireann

Iarnrod Eireann were trying to get students to use the train as their preferred method of transport, when going to between college and home. We came together and discussed the benefits of the train as a whole and we both came to the conclusion that the train was where people so often fall in love. In a short amount of time, you can fall in love, get a mortgage together, a holiday home, a few kids and then suddenly they get off at the next stop.  Jordyn’s parents actually met on a train and lucky for her ultimately fell in love. As the train no longer has a food trolley and alcohol is banned, we tried to get across the idea that the train is an adventure and a journey to fall in love with. “Fall in love with the journey” encapsulates the theme that students trips home don’t just have to be an A to B journey, but rather, an opportunity for something so much more. We also had a little too much fun coming up with puns.