Positive changes afoot for the EDA

The committee of the Young Directors Awards (YDA) with the support of the CPI and the ICAD have announced that they are changing the name of the award to the Emerging Directors Awards (EDA)

Rebecca, Executive Producer at Assembly, said;

“The awards were set up with the goal of finding, nurturing and rewarding the best up and coming talent in Ireland today. We felt with ‘Young’ in the title we were making age a factor when it shouldn’t be. We want to be very clear that we are open to all emerging directing and production talent once they fit into the criteria within the categories.”

The committee is made up of four members in total, two CPI members and two ICAD members with a balance in gender and discipline. Going forward the EDA’s will rotate the committee on an annual basis to keep the entire industry engaged in our upcoming talent.

With that in mind the EDA’s would like to thank Elaine McDevitt (Former ICAD MD), Fiona Kinsella (EP at Jumper Productions) and Andy Bradford (EP at Sweet Media), the founding committee members of the awards. They have given up so much of their personal time and put in a lot of hard work to promote the awards since they began in 2014.

The remaining committee members, Rebecca Bourke (EP at Assembly) and Ger Roe (Board Creative Director at Publicis Dublin) now warmly welcome two new members; Lorraine Geoghegan (EP at Hinterland) and John Kilkenny (Creative Director at TBWA). In addition to the name change, the EDA’s will be announcing new dates for the event with the closing date for entries now on February 6th and the awards on March 6th. Ger Roe explained why the awards are a must see for all creative people and producers working in the industry;

“It’s really hard to keep tabs on all the different emerging talent in Ireland. This is the one night that draws all that talent from all areas including outstanding craft in animation, inspirational short films and even speculative commercials. Creatives, Creative Directors and Producers alike get to see all the emerging talent together in one night. As a communications agency our creative product has benefitted massively from the EDA’s. In the last 3 years alone we have used up to 8 directors across a number of our different accounts.”

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