Step Up



Some of us are good at what we do, some of us are really good and then some of us are truly great. Not all of us can achieve greatness but we can strive to. In this ICADemy we will look at the themes of ambition and success to try and understand what it takes, and explore moments of evolution and truth.

It’s terrifying to take that step out of our comfort zone, no matter how prepared or established we are. It’s terrifying to step into the void and feel exposed, like someone might see us for what we are afraid we might be — an imposter. Creativity can be scary but maybe the only way to get to the next level is to put your head over the parapet and take that step up, because let’s be real, if you’re not scared, you’re not doing it right.

On February 17th, Mark Shanley (Adam & Eve) and Margaret Levingstone (Motherland) will discuss their journey and their moment of truth. Our objective is to interrogate assumptions, stimulate debate, and inspire creativity and courage as we challenge our members to take risks, break rules and step up — for themselves, for their industry and for Irish creativity.