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Take Five with...

Trevor Hart

What is the most unusual project you’ve ever worked on?

When I first set up as photographer in 1987, I was asked to shoot an album cover for a clairvoyant music composer. She ‘channelled’ Mozart, Beethoven and others, helping to notate new music for them. According to music scholars at the time, she was either telling the truth or an extremely gifted mimic of their styles.

Who is your creative hero?

I really admire Patrick Demarchelier, the fashion and portrait photographer. At 72 he is still one of the greatest fashion photographers and throughout the last four decades his work has always been very cool and totally relevant. He has a passion for woman and fashion and this is always obvious in his work. It’s probably this approach which has sustained his career for so long in a very fickle industry.


What would you do with a spare €100?

€100 – Dinner with Eleanor.

What piece of work do you wish you had created?

Any of Richard Learoyd’s huge pin hole portraits. Sadly I’ve just missed his exhibition at the V&A in London.

What’s your soundtrack?

If Im feeling particularly nostalgic and ‘old school’, Leftism’ by Leftfield. Often I have John Grant or LCD sound system playing in my head.