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Tony Petersen | TPF

2019 Broadcast Craft Chair/International

Born in postwar Stuttgart 1947 to an actress and an officer, today a convinced Hamburg guy for over 60 years, with no proper education apart from 6 months as a hippie kid travelling across the USA in 1967, and 1 term of sociology in 68.

Tony assisted still photographers for 3 years. After 5 years he worked in photo-journalism for magazines like STERN + GEO, shooting musicians on and off stage, as well as working on a few feature films. He has occasionally entered the world of moving media in marketing.

Tony opened his first company in 1985 and has stayed as managing director/executive producer ever since. Tony stopped producing in 2014 in order to teach young creatives how to make good commercials. For 4 years he has served as a board of German producers association. He has worked hard as President of the CFP-E since January 2017.