Replica Bell

For nearly sixty years, the ICAD Bell has remained iconic – a prestigious and coveted prize and acknowledged internationally as a benchmark of creative excellence. The original ICAD bell, designed by Jarlath Hayes, was made of beaten metal. The current bell is hand cast in bronze. Gold, Silver, Bronze, Green (the Greenhorn award) and Blue (the Client awards) are each treated differently to achieve their finish. Each bell has a clapper. The ICAD logo appears on the front of the bell and the year of the award on the back.

ICAD bells have been cast in the same bronze foundry in Dublin since the 1980s.

Replica bells are available to ICAD award winners, they will be subtly engraved to indicate that they are a replica. All orders can be given here, at which point you will be contacted by ICAD to ascertain the year and colour of the award, what it was received for and any other pertinent details. You will need to supply proof of your involvement and if it is more than two to three years ago, we will need an original bell from you to recreate the replica, as each year’s bell is slightly different.


Measuring approximately 90mm high, 75mm wide and 55mm deep at base. Hand cast bronze.