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Niamh Skelly

Publicis Dublin

After Judging Weekend 2016 we caught up with Niamh Skelly, Agency Producer at Publicis Dublin. Niamh chaired the Broadcast Craft jury.

What are your takeaways from the judging?

I thought the new process was really effective. Being able to view the work in advance and eliminate the work that wasn’t of a high enough standard meant we could give proper consideration and time to the shortlist on the day.

What surprised and inspired you?

I was surprised by the collaboration involved within the panel. I had anticipated a clashing of opinions and even though we did have some on occasion, we had some really great discussions. The panel members were from different fields so we got to make informed, insightful decisions.

What, to you, makes a great project stand out?

For me I think it’s a piece that is well considered, that one element doesn’t over-power another. I think it’s a fine balance that captures and engages you from start to finish but it’s the sum of the parts that creates that, not any one thing in particular

What were you looking for in award winning entry?

It’s clichéd, but we were looking for something that stood out. What’s interesting is that that can happen for so many different reasons. Whether it is the composition of a frame or the well placed sound effect or note – it needs to be something that moves you and makes you pay attention.

Did the range of submissions give you a good sense of what is happening in Ireland at the moment?

I think it was reflective of what’s happening at the moment. The drone was perhaps a little over-used!

Did you spot any trends?

I don’t think there were any particular trends this year but having said that, we were concentrating on craft so what may be evident in the advertising sections may not necessarily be apparent in craft

What was most memorable about being on the 2016 ICAD Awards Jury?

I think it was very refreshing to have open discussions about pieces of work and getting to consider opinions from different perspectives.