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New ICAD Website

A new website & soon to launch Member Area

We’re delighted to launch the new ICAD website. It was important to us to update our website for a whole variety of reasons – to promote our industry, to create a place where our community could interact online, to promote our events and make them easy to book online, to allow you to find out about and enter the awards or browse award-winning work from yesteryear, to allow the next generation of creative talent to find out about our learning opportunities – and a whole host of other reasons besides.

Redesigning our online presence also allowed us to think about who we are as an organisation and reimagine it for today and who we want to be in the future. As we launch the first phase of our new site we also look forward to the launch of phase 2. Phase 2 will see the launch of a member area where you can log in update your membership online and maintain your member profile on the site. We hope to grow and develop this part of the site over the years and make the site a real hub for our members to interact and communicate online.

In order to begin to grow our online community we will be in touch with all of our members by email in the coming weeks to encourage you to log into the new site and add your member profile which will involve adding a profile image, bio, contact details and details of your ICAD participation. The site will automatically pull through your ICAD commended and winning work to create a vibrant profile for each member online. We encourage you to use your ICAD profile page and share it and we’ll give you some tools to do so over the coming months.

We encourage you to interact with and participate in the site and to get involved in ICAD to play your part. In the very wonderful words of Des Kavanagh…

ICAD is not an idea. It is not a place. It is not a ceremony. It is not a series of events. ICAD is its people. It is what they make it. Not that they exist. There is no them. They are us. And if you are a member so are you.

ICAD – notes on an institution Des Kavanagh 03.2014

This new ICAD website wouldn’t be possible without the hard work of a great many people. We’d like to thank them all so very much for their time and work to help get the new site live. To Kathryn Wilson and Paula McEntee for their direction, designing the site and all their work pulling the content together we say a huge thank you. We’d also like to thank Sharon Murray and our new digital partners ebow, the Digital Agency, for all their work in developing the site so beautifully and going above and beyond in helping us bring the new site to life. To Shane Casey for helping guide the new site from a technical point of view and advising on UX. Thanks too goes to Aidan Dowling, Laura Fitzgerald, Stephen Kiernan, Dan Henson, Elaine McDevitt, Aisling Kennedy and many others for helping to collate content.