Sweet Treats

2016 ICAD Upstarts Exhibition




12pm - 11pm daily (opens 6.30pm 16/11/2016)


Light House Cinema, Smithfield

‘Upstarts’ is an initiative developed by ICAD to help the next generation of young creatives hone their skills and prepare them for work in the design and advertising industries.

Aspiring copywriters, art directors and designers take part in an intensive six-week course, where they attend workshops in top studios and agencies and are mentored by some of the country’s best creatives.

Following on from the ICAD advertising workshops that ran between 1997-2002, Upstarts has been an unrivalled success, celebrating a decade this year. Former participants now act as mentors and workshop hosts – a sure sign that the programme has evolved into a robust and proven start for aspiring creatives.

The ICAD Upstarts Exhibition opens in the Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield, Dublin, on Wednesday, November 16 from 6.30-8.30pm. It’s open to all, so come along to see some sweet advertising and design for your delectation, every day until Sunday, November 20.

Meet the Upstarts here.


Thank you

Trying not to get too syrupy, but Upstarts wouldn’t be possible without the help of our assorted candy crushes and sugar daddies. While we can’t compensate them for all their support and guidance, we can of course come work for them. Please.

2016 Upstarts mentors:
Adrian Fitz-Simon, Alexis Bouckaert, Bairbre McGlade, Catherine Robertson, Cian Tormey, Connor O’Hare, Evan Kane, Garrett Pitcher, Marcus Hartung, Mark Tuthill, Neil Hanratty, Niall O’Shea, Paddy O’Mahoney, Peter O’Dwyer, Ross Giles, Seán Mongey, Shane O’Brien, Stephen Kiernan.

2016 Workshop hosts:
Bossanova, Boys & Girls, Designworks, ebow, IIBBDO, Language, Ogilvy, Publicis, Red Dog, RichardsDee, Rothco, The Public House

Special mention:
Allyn Quigley and Ged Murray (Spiceburger), Dylan Cotter, Kathryn Wilson, Ray Swan, Robert Boyle, Rory Hamilton, Shane O’Brien, Darach McHugh, Philip Blake, Simon Doyle (Failsafe Films), Teach Solas, Screen Scene, Masterphoto and Lighthouse Cinema

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