Rise: 2013 ICAD Upstarts Exhibition





The Chocolate Factory, King's Inn Street

RISE: 2013 ICAD Upstarts Exhibition is an exhibition of the work of our 2013 ‘Upstarts‘.


Introduced in 2006, the ICAD Upstarts Programme has quickly become one of the cornerstones of ICAD’s activities and its exhibition a highlight of Design Week. Having gained access to some of Dublin’s top agencies and studios each of the ‘Upstarts’ exhibit one of the six briefs they have worked on over the course of the programme. They also design and promote the exhibition.


Some very talented individuals are taking part in the 2013 ICAD Upstarts Programme. Check them out …


Aoife Nathan, Filmmaker
Aoife’s interest in film began with a series of ‘Variety Shows’ filmed in the back garden when she was ten. Interviewees included Sonia O’ Sullivan, Michelle Smith and Jeremy Irons (fresh from his role in the Lion King). Many thought Aoife was lucky to get such a lineup but when your best friends are able to do accents, anything is possible.

She graduated with a BA Media Arts, specialising in documentary production, in 2008, and has worked making corporate and promotional videos since.  Recently, she finished an M.Sc in Multimedia in DCU where she was part of a team which created a web documentary called The Transmission Project.

Barry Keating, Copywriter
A brother, son, nephew, weirdo cousin, father, mother and aunty and uncle from Dublin, Barry is an aspiring multi-billionaire and advertising copywriter. As odd as it is to say that he is a master of advertising, he can, as he is fresh from the MSc in Advertising in DIT. He also feels he can lay claim to being a master of deception, as he somehow managed to trick Cawley Nea / TBWA into taking him under their wing for last number of months as an intern, which he has loved. Throughout college he would have done anything for a bit of money, which has made for quite the eclectic CV.  In the past he has worked with children, managed music festival campsites, worked as a door to door salesman, dealt Blackjack and worked as a group Tour Director around Europe. But out of all of these jobs, Copywriting is the thing he enjoys the greatest and is the thing that he wants to make a career out of the most.

Ciarán Doyle, Art Director
Ciarán started out working in television and film armed with a BA in media production. It was during this time that he found himself working on the sets of commercials and first came in contact with a rare breed of humanoid called the advertising creative. After investigating what it is they do exactly and, more importantly, noting how much free food they get while filming, Ciarán set his sights on a sparkling new career in ad land. Last year he completed the MSc in advertising at D.I.T. Ciarán enjoys making ads that are always unexpected and never boring.

Claire Kennedy, Art Director
Claire graduated from WIT with a BA in Visual Communications in 2006. After a brief stint working as a designer Claire decided to enrol in the MSc in Advertising at DIT. She graduated in 2012 and currently works as an art director. Claire loves the process of visually solving an advertising problem and sees the blank page as a myriad of opportunity rather than a challenge.

Cormac McCann, Art Director
Cormac, speaking in the third person as he writes this is a creative from Dublin. A graduate of NCAD, he worked for some time as an industrial designer before effing off to see the world.
 When he got home, everybody in Dublin was either a DJ or a graphic designer but with no money for turntables he became the latter for a large NGO.
 After four years saving the world he left to work for himself and did a post grad. in digital communications and advertising at DIT. Sure he always wanted to work in d’advertisements.

His Granny says he’s a great lad and he will invariably work for money. He’s currently getting digital at EightyTwenty.

Helena Murphy, Copywriter
Meet the copywriter slash producer slash suit: Helena Murphy.

As well as upstarts she’s also doing the postgrad in Advertising & Digital Communication in DIT, graduating in January 2014.  She’s looking forward to swapping evenings in class for evenings being creative. She produced her first short ‘Scenesters’ last year and is currently working on an RTE documentary in her rapidly shrinking spare time.

Katie Jones, Art Director
Seven foot tall she was, arms as thick as tree trunks with eyes that are as deep as the darkest pits of hell, – Katie or “KJ” is not one to be messed with. Although this statement may be exaggerated and more than likely false, the baby upstart is fresh out of college with a BA Honours Degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications from IT Tallaght. She was thrown into the advertising industry as an Art Director intern at Cawley Nea / TBWA five months ago, and has been keeping her seat warm ever since. She enjoys her rollerblading, eating and doing yoga, but not all at the same time. She still to this day insists that Belfast is a county. Other than that, her knowledge of geographical locations is exquisite.

Michael Whelan, Copywriter
Michael is currently interning as a copywriter at Publicis Dublin, where he has worked on projects for clients such as Cadbury, FBD, No Nonsense, RTE, Axa, Permanent TSB, Murphy’s and DoneDeal.  He holds a BA in Film & Video Production from the University of Wolverhampton and an M.Phil in Textual & Visual Studies from Trinity College. He also has strong abilities in graphic design, photography and art direction. His dissertation from Trinity, ‘Modern Advertising as Totemism’, focused on the correlations between sign systems of primitive society to those found in contemporary consumer culture. Equipped with practical experience in a broad range of creative media and a deep understanding of the semiotics of communication, Michael is applying his skills to a career in creative advertising.

Peter Dobbyn, Copywriter
Peter is a 27 year old copywriter with a deep voice and the ability to tell the time, purely by the position of the sun…17.52.

Rachael Kelly, Art Director/Graphic Designer
I completed a degree in Visual Communications (DIT). I have worked for numerous ad agencies and freelanced for a couple of years. I now work as a designer. I hope to achieve much more in the next few years in art direction. I have a huge interest in photography and design. My biggest passion lies in art direction which stands above everything else.

Rula Vamvakari, Art Director
Born in Ireland, Rula was brought up in a colourful environment on the Greek island of Milos where her bilingual and multicultural childhood years gave her a unique and valuable insight into humanity. After finishing an internship in Dublin, she graduated from the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Greece, obtaining her BSc in Marketing & Advertising. Rula is a Photoshop addict,  life-long musician, and dedicated cyclist, elements of her character which she brings together and expresses in her work, through creative and alternative approaches. She loves challenges, is a master of multitasking, has a diverse educational and professional background, and is now looking for the next big step in her career as an Advertising Creative.

Sam Caren, Art Director
I was born in the back seat of a Hailo taxi in a DIT parking lot with the meter still running. I emerged, hungover and needing a shave shouting, “Ogilvy and step on it”!


Ciarán Murphy, Graphic Designer
A Dublin-based graphic designer who graduated from Limerick IT this year, Ciarán considers himself a creative problem-solver, with a keen eye for typographic detail. Always striving for simple and appropriate solutions, he has experience in the areas of editorial, web design, branding and data visualization. Ciarán is currently working as a design intern at Brand Social, where he is gaining excellent experience working with some high-profile clients, as well as learning more about applying his design skill set to digital. His eclectic list of design heroes includes Lance Wyman, Eddie Opara and Antonio Gaudí.

Eileen O’Neill, Graphic Designer/ Illustrator
Collecting interesting flyers and postcards in every shop and restaurant visited in the last ten years, Eileen is always on the look out for good design. With a critical theory background, her adventures into graphic design are both self-taught and class-led.

Working as a graphic designer for two years, she has designed for some exciting campaigns like Dublin City of Science as well as illustrating for print magazines such as Kiss. She believes in the power of the idea and that good design isn’t always #000000 and #FFFFFF.

Ewa Szymura, Graphic Designer
Ewa loves good design. With a Masters in Architecture and ten years of studio practice in New York and Dublin behind her,  she went on to graduate from Dublin Institute of Design and take part in ICAD Upstarts 2013.

She is a creative individual who likes adventure, challenges and continued professional development. Ewa is looking forward to her next challenge.

Laura Merrigan, Art Director
Trying to think of a witty bio since 1998. Born and bred in Dublin. Specializes in editorial design. Art Director at The Gloss magazine. Freelance designer. Fashion magazine hoarder. Procrastinator. Worshipper of Gotham. Design motto: whatever Stefan Sagmeister says.

Shane O’Malley, Graphic Designer / illustrator
Shane O Malley is a graphic designer, illustrator and graffiti artist. After graduating from VisCom in L.S.A.D. he spent some time in Australia before settling in Galway where he helped set up and run an artist funded gallery in the city. He lives and breathes creativity and splits his time freelancing as a graphic designer and an artist, while in his spare time he is often found touring the country painting graffiti murals for fun. He is looking to make to make the move to the capital and is open to new opportunities and learning experiences.

Thomas Berrigan, Graphic Designer
I obtained my degree from IADT in 2008. On graduating I joined the Snap Printing Group and for the last two years have worked as a senior designer. During this time I’ve created work for a variety of clients ranging from large corporate clients to SMEs.

So far it’s been fun, stressful, ‘interesting’ and for some strange reason I still want more.

As we build on the programme year on year, there have been nearly as many mentors and workshop hosts as there have been participants.

We are hugely grateful for the energy and commitment our mentors and workshop hosts offer. And perhaps, this commitment is an indicator to just how much value the advertising and design industries place on nurturing fresh creative talent.
It is certainly the spirit of collaboration and hard work that is the real key to the programme’s success.

The 2013 Upstarts wish to thank those who are so giving of their time and expertise:

Workshop hosts:

Associate, Boys & Girls, CKSK, DDFH&B, Design Factory, Dynamo, Irish International
Language, OwensDDB, Publicis, Red Dog, Slater


Alexis Buckaert, Eighty Twenty
Alvin Perry, Fresh
Anne Fleming, Boys & Girls
Austin Richards, Publicis Dublin
Bairbre McGlade, Boys & Girls
Catherine Lennon, Irish International
Ciaran Bonass, Cawley Nea\TBWA
Ciaran McCarthy
Daniel Henson, Irish International
David Duff, Design Factory
Donal O’Dea, OwensDDB
Ian Doherty, Bonfire
Judy O’Broin, Havas Worldwide,
Kathryn Wilson, Slater
Peter O’Dwyer, Ground 4D
Ray Doyle, Brand Social
Roisin Keown, DDFH&B
Ruth Martin, Red Dog
Scott Burnett, Studio Aad

A special thanks go to Liam Murphy Photography for shooting our portraits and H2 films and Screen Scene for all of the work on our amazing ad and to Orpens Cider for providing us with handcrafted Irish cider on opening night.

You can also see their portraits, by Liam Murphy over at the Facebook page.

So, come along – and if you can, give the ‘Upstarts’ jobs too!

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