Nonlinear @ The Future






Thread and ICAD have collaborated on Thread’s ninth issue, presenting ICAD members, winners and community alongside Thread contributors – positioning fashion, design, advertising and multifaceted creativity on a unique cross-disciplinary platform.

With this ninth issue of Thread we embrace the undefinable, follow the transient and celebrate the diversity that can challenge us to develop new ways of thinking about what we do and how we create.

Our contemporary creative culture is built on non-linear processes, broken systems and internet attitudes. Creative roles are multi-faceted and cross-disciplinary. Many hats are changed balancing personal and commercial projects often blurring a real beginning, middle or end to any endeavour.

Issue 9: Nonlinear will be available at The Future and a non-linear panel discussion will tease out the theme on the Village Stage at 10.45am on Friday, November 3.

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