Making Waves: 2014 ICAD Upstarts Exhibition




12-8 Friday and 12-6 Sat & Sun


Deloitte Gallery @ Science Gallery

MAKING WAVES: 2014 ICAD Upstarts Exhibition is an exhibition of the work of our 2014 ‘Upstarts’.


Introduced in 2006, the ICAD Upstarts Programme has quickly become one of the cornerstones of ICAD’s activities and its exhibition a highlight of Design Week. Having gained access to some of Dublin’s top agencies and studios each of the ‘Upstarts’ exhibit one of the six briefs they have worked on over the course of the programme. They also design and promote the exhibition.


Some very talented individuals are taking part in the 2014 ICAD Upstarts Programme. Check them out …


Edel Quinn
Edel suffers from frequent bouts of creative itch, which has resulted in a rather scenic career trajectory. Initially she studied media followed by a two year stint in film and tv production in roles as varied as production manager and set decoration. A masters in film followed as did plenty of travel, sometimes with the purpose of documentary making, in far flung places like Uganda which somehow led her toward a career in graphic design. She’s hoping that her broad experience will suit the dynamic roll of art director. It seems like a poetic mergence of all her paths, a return to storytelling: that which she does best. And talking shite: she’s very good at that.

Emma Sothern
A lover of puns and palindromes, Emma also enjoys singing in a choir, scaring people with her terrible dance moves and making up even more terrible jokes. She is petrified of mice and clowns – much to the amusement of her friends, who send her Photoshopped mashups of the two in lieu of birthday cards.

Emma studied Communications at DCU before travelling and volunteering in Africa. She eventually settled in Edinburgh, where she completed an MSc in Publishing and embarked on some interesting career paths – namely, editing erotic romance novels. She still maintains that 50 Shades is ‘vanilla’.

For over a year, Emma has worked for Acorn (for clients such as Google, Dell and and enjoys having a job she can talk about without blushing.

Karl Davis
Meet Karl, A 30 year old student of advertising by day. By night he’s, well, a 30 year old advertising student I guess, only more tired. As an aspiring art director Karl hopes his ideas will help to kick start world peace, however; as most of his concepts involve cats in hilarious predicaments, that dream may be further than anticipated.

Kate O’Moore
Kate is an enthusiastic creative who is passionate about what she does. Having graduated from Visual Communications in 2013, she has been interning and working her way in the industry since. Currently working as a graphic designer, her biggest passion lies in art direction and hopes to achieve much more in this direction over the next few years. She believes firmly in good handshake!

Meagan Hyland
Left-handed a little bit weird Meagan was always destined to land somewhere in the creative industry. She found herself an honors degree in LSAD in 2010 after four years of visually communicating and landed the role of graphic designer in Catalysto after some persuasive talk of her tea making abilities.  After 2 and a half years of proving her design abilities surpassed her tea making ones she ended up in Dunnes Stores as graphic designer for the marketing department creating anything and everything from swing tags to billboard ads.

Meagan Hyland lives to make people go ‘ahhh I see what you did there’  whether its in her design work or her art which has been exhibited here in Dublin and as far as New York, Chicago, San Diego and Los Angeles. She hopes to bring her love of the ‘clever idea’ to her next position as she inches her way closer to the role of  art director.

She hates talking in the third person.

Niall Murphy
“Niall Murphy is a Creative Copywriter” they told him, as an example of something to write in the bio section of something that had to be rushed to a printer the next day. “Is he?!” he thought to himself, “Jayziz. News to me”. He then thought about his job in OwensDDB, which is the only thing he’s done that ties him to this ‘Copywriter’ tag, and his other prior jobs, which have included conducting research into rural poverty in Haiti, consoling mortgage-holders on the telephone for a now-nationalised bank, being a porter in a hotel that nobody stayed in, and being the man at the top of a waterslide that presses the button that lets you go down said waterslide. He then tried to think of a way to summarise these experiences, and decided to third-person the shit out of it. Niall has published one book, called ‘Where do baby snails come from?’, which was written on the torn-out centrefold of an Aisling copybook when he was 7, and features illustrations by Niall Murphy.

Niamh Clohosey
Niamh once fell over a potato and sprained her ankle while trying to train for the local sports day, the second time  a malfunctioning potato had let the Irish people down. Shortly after that her mother told her to stay inside and maybe try reading books instead, which is what she did. If it wasn’t for this violent incident she might have been a star but then she wouldn’t have wanted to become a copywriter so I suppose the earth closed a door and opened a less athletic window instead. Niamh works in strategic planning and knows how imperative that strategy  to an ad campaign. Without strategic thinking,  ads are sometimes a bunch of words and the odd pun which unfortunately don’t sell a product in a market where 30 of the same products already exist.

Gaelle Robert
Gaëlle is an aspiring advertising copywriter freshly out of college. While being a full-time student she combined the most unlikely jobs in order to survive the scary hell that is student life; she bossed kids around in holiday camps, dealt poker in a questionable casino, and cold-called an incredible amount of people in a telemarketing agency. She took part in the 2014 ICAD Upstarts program (advertising stream) and has just started a copywriting internship at Brando. She spends most of her free time reading and writing. So make sure not to make any sudden moves when she is in “the zone”. And do not be fooled by her apparent quiet personality. If she is not talking for a long time, she is probably plotting her next move to take over the universe.

Sarah Butler
Sarah is a 25 year old pun loving night owl. Her favorite things in life are movies (preferably starring Tom Hanks), Halloween, dancing and her dog George (one third Pug, one third Jack Russell, one third monkey).  She had been a scout for half her life and likes to think of herself as a female Bear Grylls, but please don’t ask her to tie any reef knots, its been awhile.

She studied advertising and marketing Communications in ITTallaght. She is currently working as a junior art director in Owens DDB, and recently converted the office into a Halloween masterpiece (her words not theirs). She works with clients such as Volkswagen, SSE Airtricity, Johnston Mooney and O’Brien and many more.

She enjoys embarrassing her friends with her Photoshop skills any occasion she gets, such as customized birthday hats, transfer tattoos, cupcakes with her friend’s face on them and just messing with their Facebook pictures for the hell of it, they are lucky to have her. (Once again her words, certainly not theirs.)


Amy Heffernan
I began my career studying Visual Communications in DIT. After I graduated in 2013 I landed a job with Acorn Marketing where I’ve worked on some big international brands. I especially enjoy image making and illustration. Inspiration generally hits often when I’m not actually working, usually as I day dream or reach for the snooze button!

Beñat Arregi
Beñat left a job as a newly graduated architect in his native Basque country for an uncertain venture into recession-hit Dublin back in 2008. For the last six years, he’s been a full-time consultant/researcher/lecturer for energy-efficient building design and an amateur (in the original sense) designer/creative/photographer at evenings and weekends. Despite all the slashes, all his projects tend to start as a scribble in a piece of paper.

He doesn’t hold any formal credentials in graphic design besides his architectural background; he’s been self-taught since his college days by observation, experimentation and a tenacious curiosity. Following the ICAD Upstarts programme, Beñat is looking forward to focussing professionally on design and communication.

Eleisa Heron
Eleisa Heron is a recent graduate in Graphic Communication from the
Dublin Institute of Design. She loves creating all forms of design but
has a particular fondness for designing patterns and using geometric
forms in her work. Her background in mathematics and statistics
often finds its way into some aspect of her designs.

Patricia Fox
At first I was a gymnast. Gymnasts are hard working and have to adapt to do impossible things without complaining.

I then studied classical animation in BCFE. Classical animation requires the fast and consistent illustration of thousands of drawings. In essence, I was taught how to produce quality work; quickly.

I went on to study Visual Communications in IADT. I graduated in 2009 having been trained to apply my experience in hard work, adaption, the impossible as well as speed – into producing graphic design solutions for everything from branding to video editing – illustration to photography – typography to animation.

I am now a graphic designer and I still love to stand on my hands!

Rebecca Love
Rebecca is a Visual Communication graduate from DIT. She is currently completing her Masters in Creative Digital Media, after which she will also be a UX designer and developer for mobile devices and dynamic web applications.

She has worked in several design agencies since graduating in 2013 and has a particular interest in Branding. She does, however, have an abundance of experience in digital and environmental design also, as well as design for print. She has really enjoyed her time in the Upstarts programme and is excited to hear about any new opportunities it might bring.

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A special thanks go to Paula McEntee for working with us on designing this exhibition, to Ger Roe, Dave Cowzer, Sweet Media and Screen Scene for all of the work on our amazing promo, to GDS and Print Run for their print work and to the Science Gallery for giving our work this wonderful home.


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