ICADemy: Radio

A workshop on writing, crafting and enjoying radio. SOLD OUT





Mutiny Studios, 22 Herbert Street, Dublin 2



This workshop is pitched at junior to mid-level creatives. A relaxed afternoon workshop, it will take place in three parts:

1. How to write radio that doesn’t make ears bleed with Emma Sharkey, Creative Director, Rothco
This session on writing radio will attempt to demonstrate how great radio comes about. Using world-class examples, we’ll look at how to approach the blank page. When to sit down and write radio and when not to. How to find the right voice. Why a jingle is never a good idea, well most of the time. And why radio shouldn’t be where good ideas go to die.

2. The craft session with Mark Richards, Mutiny
Covering the nitty gritty of radio advertising craft, this session will lead you through casting; voice direction; studio time management; dealing with script changes; music search, edit and licensing; SFX; scene setting; sound design. It will demonstrate the practicalities of bringing great radio ideas to life.

3. The play session sponsored by Mutiny
This is where you can get behind the desk and push some buttons for yourself. You can play in the studio, try out a microphone, have a beer and a chat.

This workshop is the first in a new series of half-day workshops under our learning banner ‘ICADemy’. Tickets are now available to ICAD members.

ICADemy combines theory and practice, allowing you to really engage in the creative process. You can call it training if you like, it will definitely benefit your professional life, but it’s more than that. It’s about giving you the tools to reach creative excellence. And it’s fun.

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