ICADemy: Innovation

in association with ICAD Innovation Partner INM





4 Dame Lane


€100 (€50 ICAD members)

This workshop, run in conjunction with Precious Metal: The Value of Innovation, will challenge and inspire juniors to think in terms of Applied Innovation.

Monika Crowley, Creative Director, Target McConnells and one of the minds behind this year’s gold bell-winning work for Witness History, will lead this exciting and hands-on session. As always, this ICADemy will include the creative, the practical and some fun. There will also be a brief and mentorship from leading creatives involved in the inspiring and informative afternoon.

Attendees can also attend the evening’s activities for free but do need to register separately to confirm a place. Just use the code ICADemygoer when booking:

Both events are brought to you in association with ICAD Innovation Partner INM.


This workshop is part of a new series of half-day workshops under our learning banner ‘ICADemy’. ICADemy combines theory and practice, allowing you to really engage in the creative process. You can call it training if you like, it will definitely benefit your professional life, but it’s more than that. It’s about giving you the tools to reach creative excellence. And it’s fun.

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